Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Devon the Great

My name is Devon. I have 2 sisters, Baby and Desaray, and 1 brother named Monty. Desaray is pretty cool, she lets me climb all over her , and she doesn't even get mad....well, most times. Mom calls her Desdimona when she does somethin bad, Baby is an OK sister, but she gets mad at me sometimes when she doesn't want me to bother her. Monty scares me though, Mom calls him a chee-wah-wah. He's just a little guy but he chases me all the time. When no one else will play with me, I bark at him till he chases me just for somethin to do. There are also these 2 other furry things in our house. They don't like me very much. Mom says "Leave the cat ALONE!" when I try to play with them. But Mom's name is Cat, so I'm kinda confused. Anyway, they are alot of fun! they keep smackin me in the face when I want to play, Mom says that I wouldn't have a face if they had claws. I don't know what that means, but they're kinda fun when I'm bored. Once Mom figures out how to put up a picture of me, you'll see how cute I am. WOOOOOOHOOOO it's walk time, gotta go, see ya bye.